Data Cabling Installation

Data Cabling Los AngelesData cabling is not a simple matter of just sticking a cable in a wall socket and the other end in a computer. Because of the different types available, a professional installation is highly recommended to make sure the right equipment, software and layout are used. This prevents performance problems, it keeps the system operating correctly, and it avoids accidental damage.



Wireless or Wi-Fi networking is probably the easiest of installations to put in. Once an Internet access systems is in place, the Wi-Fi side of it is a simple matter of setting up a router and the related software to manage it. The Internet access can be through a cable system, DSL, or some other connection source. However, for the Wi-Fi feature to work, a wireless router is necessary to emit the Internet signal to the area it will serve. Once established, any equipment with a Wi-Fi modem can then pick up the signal. Our service can handle all of this installation plus setting up the security passwords needed to protect the account from misuse by accidental, unauthorized access.

Computer Networking

Representing the bread and butter of cabling, computer networking involves the physical connection of various computers and server together so that they can work as an integrated system. Ethernet cabling is one of the most common approaches to connections, running cables from the main server to connected computers to handle to-and-from data traffic. Network cabling can quickly become a rat’s nest in an office if not planned and routed correctly. With a professional installation the related cabling can be tucked back through “spine” routing through an office, only coming out to a computer or connection where necessary in a clean, organized approach. This avoids accidental tripping or connection breaks, and it protects the cabling from wear and tear.

Video & Audio Cabling

V&A cabling follows many of the same principles as computer network cabling in that it needs to be installed in an organized approach or it becomes a big mess. What makes V&A cabling a bit more of a challenge is that it involves different cabling and connections. The right cables need to be used to make the V&A equipment compatible to the power sources and the recipient equipment that produces the signal for visual or audio use. Again, having a skilled professional installation can make a big difference in proper function and reliability of V&A equipment involved.

VOIP & Voice Installs

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP networks integrate voice and communications units with an office’s Internet network. In many cases, the equipment and features use the same Internet cabling as the computers. The VOIP aspects are managed by the software that routes the signals through the network to specific communication headsets and units. This sort of installation, however, can be technical enough that guessing can goof up the performance very quickly. Having a technician who knows how the various parts should work together correctly as well as the software installation can have an installation up and running quickly rather than fraught with bad reception and failing connections.

Data Center Installs

Data center installations are highly complex because they typically involve multiple versions of the above cabling options. Take, for example, a dispatch center. Setting one up means connection phones, a computer network, possibly a wireless system for overflow computer connections when more help is needed and at least video cabling to display real-time status monitors in the center. All of these systems have to be integrated and routed properly. Bad connections can literally affect people’s lives as emergency resources are dispatched. A professional installation avoids such problems right from the start.

Fiber Cabling Installs

For industrial data cabling, fiber cabling is the answer. With the use of fiber optics, such cabling handles thousands and thousands of data transactions instantly with plenty of capacity to handle more. This sort of installation is for entire factories or database warehouse facilities that move millions of data packets by the second. Our expertise can manage this type of work without hiccups, keeping installations on track so that corporate and industrial systems can be up and running on schedule.


Amateur and unexperienced attempts at setting up data wiring systems can quickly lead to headaches, equipment compatibility problems and poor data transfer performance. Do the job right by hiring professional installation help up front. It will save time and money in the long run.

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